After a couple of years of talking and planning, and then six months of initial work, we’re starting to get the Tlingit opera off the page and into some vocal chords! Today was the first day that actual, real live actors and singers started working with the first few pages of lyrics and music. It’s a long few YEARS ahead, but it was still pretty exciting – and also still nerve-wracking thinking about the work ahead and the responsibility to get it right.

This first workshop is to really start to get an idea of what this production could be. We’ve been honing in on the story, so this time is all about what a Tlingit opera might sound like.

Just as importantly, we are also starting to figure out how to work together. As individual artists we need to marry words with translations with music with movement with masks with lights with logistics and organization. As a joint production between Perseverance Theatre and Sealaska Heritage Institute, we’re finding out how a theatre and a Native organization can build this giant production together.

And we want to always, always be thinking about being led by our ancestor’s wisdom and today’s innovation. And look at this amazing group! How could this not be awesome?!

And this is literally my JOB?!?