Television Writer

Vera wrote numerous episodes for the PBS KIDS children’s animated program “Molly of Denali,” which won a Peabody Award in 2020. It was nominated for two Emmy’s in 2022 – for which Vera was nominated under “Outstanding Writing for a Preschool Animated Program.”

She has also story-edited numerous episodes of “Molly of Denali,” and was Co-Head Writer of a special animated shorts project called “The Big Gathering.”

Vera also wrote animated children’s episodes for “SuperKitties” on Disney Junior, including “Snow Day,” and a yet-to-be-announced show on Netflix.

In 2022, Vera joined the team at ABC’s new show “Alaska Daily” as a staff writer. She wrote the season finale, “Most Reckless Thing I’ve Ever Done.”

Vera wrote the season (and series) finale of “Alaska Daily,” an ABC show starring Hilary Swank and Grace Dove.
“Molly and Elizabeth” episode of “Molly of Denali” on PBS KIDS.
Vera has two episodes out of “SuperKitties” on Disney Junior and Disney+, with more on the way!

Watch the full episode of New Nivagi on YouTube

Watch the full episode of Molly and Elizabeth on YouTube

You can watch episodes for free on the PBS KIDS video app, or purchase the episodes and seasons on Amazon prime video.

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